The Justice Pageant was founded and established by its Chief Executive Officer, Jolene Leeuwner-Maritz.

The Pageant was established in collaboration with the No Crime Culture Project with its primary objective being to select and shape individuals that will serve as role models and execute the general programme created by the No Crime Culture Project NPC as informal character education in schools and in the community.

The No Crime Culture Project is in the first instance a cultural project aimed at the creation of awareness in individuals of the need for basic morality, ethics and norms of conduct. The aim is therefore to inspire, instil, impress and by way of repetition convince people into accepting, believing in, and promoting norms of conduct that would extinguish the tendency to criminal behaviour.

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Through research done globally it has been proven that one of the successful methods of teaching morality is through the establishment of role models in a community. The justice pageant will aim to provide some of these role models and will task them with the execution of general character education programmes.

Chief Executive Officer, Jolene Leeuwner-Maritz