The Justice Pageant has been established to serve the No Crime Culture Project in reaching its objectives, which in short, is aimed at developing moral character in our schools and communities.  Read more about the NCCP here

According to extensive studies undertaken internationally it can be argued that one of the most commonly used methods for morality education is to establish role models of respectable character to be followed.  Students possess a developmental characteristic that makes them want to be more like the moral exemplars they witness in their lives. There are typically two approaches followed with this method:

  1. Firstly, the role models can carry out deeds that inspire students to follow in their footsteps. When the student realizes that the role models actually live in accordance with their preaching they adopt and mimic the behaviour of the role model.
  2. Secondly, the role model can present various literature or moral stories that have characters with admirable traits, inspiring the students to be moved by the hero’s deeds and then be prompted to follow in these characters’ footsteps.

As such the Justice Pageant has been established to mould role models in South Africa and to commission these role models with the above-mentioned tasks in schools throughout South Africa by visiting schools for the duration of the programme and presenting the teachings of the No Crime Culture Project’s general programme and then tasking the schools with their own projects.

What to look forward to:

A Pageant where we exclude swimwear and include business attire.
Contestants of the Justice Pageants South Africa will be expected to present a 1 minute prepared presentation and a 1 minute unprepared speech at the gala evening.
Contestants of the Justice Pageants South Africa will be expected to enter into a formal Debate on the gala evening.
This will be an opportunity for each contestant to be part of the history of South Africa in creating solutions to rid South Africa of its crime culture.

Winners prizes:

Details to follow…